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Friday, March 24, 2006


TGIF Friday?

Well. I just broke up a “fight” or perhaps it was a “lesson” early this morning. Nothing like getting rousted out of bed at 5 AM by a feisty rat terrier and a Newf puppy. Phoenix (the newf puppy) has had the household to herself for 6 weeks. While she was growing up a bit I sent Bingo the rat terrrier to live with his other “dad” because he was terrorizing the pup. so yesterday he came back.

And he is still being a total a---. I guess he does have to establish who is boss in the pack. But I swear if he doesnt settle his differences soon, ......!@!

Every time Phoenix walks near, he curls his lip. Every time she attempts to advance a playful move, he yaps and feints a snap at her. And then this morning he actually rolled her and went after in the living room. I yanked him off and put him into a down for a bit. After that episode, at least for the time being, he is studiously ignoring her. Meanwhile I need to review for myself the lessons I have learned through the years on dominance and pack behavior!

Dogs are pack animals. Every pack has a pecking order, and every animal in the pack has duties, responsibilities, and expectations. Bingo the rat terrier obviously thinks of himself as pack leader over and above me and this has got to change. He has to come down a peg or two. I am his alpha. THEN below me he can be ALPHA. Even being the littlest dog here, he can be alpha. But I have to re-establish who is had honcho and it isn’t him! So here are the “new rules”

1. When I feed the dogs, Bingo must eat in his crate but he will NOT eat first.The newfs will eat first and THEN Bingo.

2. Bingo will sleep in his crate and not in my bed from now on. (Phoenix has always slept in her crate)

3. When I am at the computer the gate will be up and Bingo will NOT disturb my work.

Bingo got a harsh lesson this morning when he went after the puppy and I immediately put him in his place. Now he is lying on the floor outside the computer room door and he is ignoring the attentions of Phoenix the puppy and she will probably get another “lesson” from Bingo soon if she keeps it up. I will let him show her (but not quite so nasty) that he is HER boss. But he WILL have to learn that I am HIS boss! And I will hope that within a week or two they will both be “best friends”.

It is just too much to try to deal with the first thing in the morning on a Friday!!

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