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A "dog blog" about all breeds and issues of importance to people who value the dogs in their lives, with a special emphasis on Search and Rescue dogs, in particular the training of my Newfoundland Dogs

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Searching Practice with Phoenix

Hi everyone, there is more news from the training logs with Phoenix:

"it's me again, phoenix (feeny) is what mom calls me. we got to go to a big place that had very tall grass. I was surprised when mom got me out of the car and there wasnt enyone who ran away from me at all. i knew i had to look for someone cuz mom put on my harness and that means i am going to look for someone. this time there was a thing that makes a noise when i move. mom calls it a bell. anyhow we got out of the car and she put on my harness and even while she was putting it on me i got excited cuz i could smell that the person who had been in the car when we went to that place was out in the tall waving grass somewhere. so i got real excited.
anyhow as soon as my harness was on mom told me to search and i ran right into the tall grass. i had to jump up to see where i was going. i could smell her but i couldnt find her. i turned back when i couldnt smell her any more and i held my nose up in the air and then i smelled her again. when i found her i got my belly rubbed and i got to kiss her and boy that was really fun.

after that when we came home mom took me for a walk in a big woods. at first i though that it was really fun cuz she let me go without a leash in the big woods and i went running all over but there wasnt anyone there i could find, and also she hadnt put on my harness first and i thought that was funny. she called me but i thought no i am FREE and i am going to run and run and run. so i did. BUT in the end i ran back to make sure mom was still there and when i ran back i got a cookie. a eally yujmmy thiing i had never eaten before. mom calls it a nuked hotdog. after i got that to eat she told me i could run and play some more. but next time when she called to me i went back and i got another one of those hot dog things. and we did this for awhile. she would let me run away and when she called me she would give me a treat and the she would let me run off again. it was fun but i got tired and then i just walked with mom instead of running away and she told me i was a really good girl.

mom says next week we get to a "flea market". gee i dont want fleas!! they itch. i hope she doesnt buy any!!

this is feeny signing off............"

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