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A "dog blog" about all breeds and issues of importance to people who value the dogs in their lives, with a special emphasis on Search and Rescue dogs, in particular the training of my Newfoundland Dogs

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Winter is finally losing its grip, after more than 90 hours of sub zero temps we are creeping above the zero mark. mind you I said above zero, not above freezing.
In the midst of all this I saw my neighbor's bichon running loose, from the front door o the house to the backdoor of the house, begging to be let in. FINALLY after about a half hour of this, someone let the poor dog in. Just when i was ready to call the county sheriff (I live in a very tiny town, no police department)... So this is just a reminder:  WATCH YOUR PETS IN THIS SEVERE WEATHER!!  Even big hairy dogs need to be brought indoors or given extra bedding and extra attention, more food for energy and FRESH unfrozen water daily. And a shelter, of course! PLEASE spread the word, PLEASE keep dogs warm (and yes, cats too ) in this bitter bitter cold.  (and tHey say we're having GLOBAL WARMING??

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Dog Lovers Gifts for Valentine's Day

The time is drawing near: Surprise your best friend with a Valentine gift of apparel with his favorite dog breed. Check out The outstanding Kerry Blue Terrier or the loveable German Shepherd dog: featured on teeshirts, coffee mugs, even wall clocks. Both of these designs have beautful heart backgrounds and the dogs have an "airbrushed" look that is soft and feminine. When shopping for apparel that has designs which are "transferred" the look of a black or dark colored dog can make a HUGE difference, and the expertise of the artist comes into play...Transfers of dark colored dogs can very often come out "muddy" and indistinct. The two designs pictured here are going to be truly beautiful as transfers, since the darker shades are muted and balanced with lighter colors.  Both designs are available on dark shirts as well as lighter colors.

kerry Blue terrier loveGSD Heart

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