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A "dog blog" about all breeds and issues of importance to people who value the dogs in their lives, with a special emphasis on Search and Rescue dogs, in particular the training of my Newfoundland Dogs

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Four Types of Dog Barf

The Four Types of Dog Barf
Author Unknown

Yellow Urka-Gurkas
Dog runs around the house and hides under furniture while making a prolonged “uuuuuuurka-guuuuuuurka, uuuuuuurka-guuuuuuurka” noise. (This noise is the only thing guaranteed to wake up a true dog lover who is hungover from a post dog show celebration at 3:30 a.m.). After mad scrambling to capture the dog and drag him outside, the episode ends with an indelible ten-yard line of slimy yellow froth from the living room rug to the back door.

Blap Disease
Dog exercises hard and (a) eats large mouthfuls of snow (Winter Blap Disease) or (b) drinks a bucket of water (Summer Blap Disease). Within two minutes of returning inside, the dog spews out large amounts of clear, slimy liquid while making a distinctive “blap” sound and sharp percussive noises as it hits the linoleum.

Dog suddenly clears his throat with loud and dramatic “gggaaark, gggarrk” noises generally followed by prolonged “iiiksss” and then loud satisfied
smacking noises. There is nothing on the rug. Don’t investigate, you don’t want to know.

Apropos of nothing, the dog strolls into the dining room and waits until the dinner guests are all watching him. Then, with a single, deep, gut-wrenching “raaalllf,” disgorges the entire week’s contents of his stomach on the dining room rug.
Variation: Then he eats it.

In all the above events, the dog is entirely healthy and indeed, deeply pleased with himself.

First appeared in Puli News, April 1997.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Newf and the boat

The Newf and the boat
Just finished getting this put up in place at the Section called Newfoundland Dogs and Lighthouses at my NEW cafepress shop that will be strictly devoted to Newfoundlands. I really do like this one, spent a lot of time on it. Sometimes I get going on making my designs and just don't get anything else done!

It stormed all night last night. Kept getting waked up by the NOAA weather alert. EVERYONE should have one of these! It really lets you know when there is sever weather and it can be programmed for just your area.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Water Search Practice

Phoenix (aka stinker) had her first practice on the water on Saturday for cadaver. The object is to see if/how the dog will alert on cadaver below the surface, and reward the dog for said alert, or encourage an alert. Phoenix's actions sort of negated the possibility of really checking it out....we were coming up on the scent, (and of course, not being a dog, I couldn't tell for sure if she was beginning to scent..) when she put her feet up on the edge and her nose down to the water. I began to say "good girl" when she went in. With a great splash!!  So then there was the problem of getting her back in the boat, (we were a ways off the shore....) and she had a harness on that was a bit too big, and she had her leash on, so the first thing to do was to undo the leash, so that she wouldn't become tangled in the leash. Then we basically just took the boat to shore, stopping any time she got near the trolling motor....and she followed, by swimming around and around the boat and having the time of her life!  When we got to where she could touch bottom, we gave her a hefty lift over the edge of the boat and back into the boat! Where she proudly shook all over and looked smug. So then we continued, I am pretty certain she was scenting, and I encouraged an alert..pushing at me with her paw.....and she got her cookie....and then we went on to the shore practice. The shore practice consisted of three hides, each one about a foot off shore. She was on leash...and I walked her along the shore, and she went down right off the bat on the first one, bit at the water, then proceeded to ROLL in the water, right at the edge...OMG did she STINK!!!!

My team members tell me she has invented a new alert: the drop and roll.

When I drove home I carried some "dead stuff" back with me in the van, in a tightly closed container. I thought perhaps the awful smell was the dead stuff....but oh, no, it was Feeny, the STINKER!

Our Search dog team had our meeting before the practice. We are starting a new fund raising shop, at will let you know the details when i get it going..

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