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A "dog blog" about all breeds and issues of importance to people who value the dogs in their lives, with a special emphasis on Search and Rescue dogs, in particular the training of my Newfoundland Dogs

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Stormy weather

I just went to the only store in this little town, the hardware store, and bought extra batteries and refreshed my flashlights. Look like stormy weather (again!!) moving in. So tonight if I have to go to the baement I have two nice flashlights ready to roll. Just wish I could get my dogs in the basement but they won't fit.

Have been working on a puzzle design....It will be for sale (of course) as soon as I get another new web page up and running. Meanwhile it is already for sale on shirts and mugs and such at Cafepress.
Looks like this:

The adorable puppy photo was given to me by a good friend, Lisa martens of Lighthouse newfoundlands.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Jenna looks like maybe she's coming around

wouldnt eat regular food last night but did eat six hot dogs and three pieces of cheese, fed by hadn, and went to the outside water bucket and drank and drank and drank, I think it must have just tasted fresher than the inside house one. wagged her tail also . My dear Jenna, .... I know some day of course she must go but it is to soon yet  so i sure hope this is just some passing infection and not more serious. Phoenix is not "hovering" over her like she was yesterday during the day...

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Jenna is back from the vet

So far it appears that she may have a torn muscle ?? or perhaps some other sort of problem with the jaw which might involve a middle ear infection...or an abscess that has not become full blown yet,for now she is on antibiotics and rimadyl and if she is not better by Thursday she is to go back for x-rays and blood work. But so much of her is normal except for this excessive drooling, laying around, lethargic, not wanting to eat (although she does drink)

so we'll see what she does...
on Sunday, just two days ago, she did a terrific cadaver search in waist high grass and thick brush for a small still partially frozen human cadaver scent in a little bottle..and she did an absolutely fantastic job. So whatever is bothering her, I think it came on pretty fast, which makes me think she tore a muscle or ligament somehow..I have had newfs in the past who have had a cervical problem in the top of the neck at the base of the spine but she is not exhibiting those kinds of symptoms. Vet actually thinks she temporary mandible problem ??? something to do with the jaw and biting down wrong (she and Phoenix regularly have rawhide bones. At least her vital signs, heart, respiration, etc are all good. She had a physical and her shots two weeks ago and everything was fine then.

I spent the morning helping my daughter Robin clean out the basement....
funny how one can always have more fun cleaning someone else's house...sure hate to clean my own!

I am practicing my skills when it comes to adding a photo, here is Jenna....taken a few days ago with raindrops on her coat after she came inside...she has her  favorite stuffy "Elmo" laying next to her...

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made a mistake on my last post

the last blog post I added images from my MEMBERS page at Cafepress, so of course if anyone clicks on them they will be taken to the members page. is the correction, these images are added from my Cafepress store
coon hound sympathy Greeting CardNewf Sympathy Greeting CardSympathy Note Cards (Pk of 10)Sympathy Note Cards (Pk of 10)gsd sympathy Greeting Card

These are a few of the new SYMPATHY CARDS for dog breeds that I have added to my Cafepres Store.

I have an appointment for Jenna today at 3:30 at the vets. Cant find my thermometer but I think she has a temp, she has a light cough, she is drooling, doesn't want to eat, doesnt really want to even move at all.  will post later how it goes.

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Learning to use a new browser..and Jenna isn't so hot right now.....

From here on out I will probably be much busier on this blog, since I just discovered the new browser FLOCK, which allows me to post right from my web page while I'm doing other stuff so to speak.

a Couple of things. Jenna had a serious and ongoing eye problem, tons of slime and gunk oozing from her eyes. Vet told me it was dry eye. So I got artificial tears and started to add that to her daily routing. Unfortunately not enough times per day...and it continued to worsen. Turned out she had an eye infection, so got her on meds for hat, also started a new kind of eye med which is supposed to "reactivate" her tear glands and it does appear o be working! HURRAH!! But I am taking her back in to vet again today, she appears to be sick with something. It just came on because today is Tuesday, and on SUNDAY she did a great blind search for cadaver in very very tall grass..and made her find, tail wagging etc. so she was ok on Sunday. Anyhow got an appointment today at 3:30.

Meanwhile I have been working on a whole new section of stuff at and pet sympathy cards. here is an example of a couple (tryin out my new browser, supposedly you can drag and drop so we'll see..)
Wow that really works!!

How about that? Just dragged my image right off the web page onto the blogger ! WAY COOL!

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