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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

SARDOG cadaver training

Hello all...

spent all day last Sunday practicing with another handler for shore seach on three different bodies of water. She would "set" the stuff for me, then I would "set" the stuff for her. It worked great. We had two excellent articles of scent...both were in glass salt shakers with handles. Each salt shaker had a couple of rocks inside for weighting and then the "dead stuff" Each was tied to a cord that is rather a camoflage color. One cord was 5 feet long for a close to shore dropo, the other was 15 feet long for a drop farther from shore. The length of the shorelines we used was about 100 feet. We would go out and place the drops and then the other handler with dog would go out and find the drops. It was a great day, we had a great time, also did a few air scents was a beautfiul day last Sunday here in the midwest.

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