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A "dog blog" about all breeds and issues of importance to people who value the dogs in their lives, with a special emphasis on Search and Rescue dogs, in particular the training of my Newfoundland Dogs

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

SARDOG cadaver training

Hello all...

spent all day last Sunday practicing with another handler for shore seach on three different bodies of water. She would "set" the stuff for me, then I would "set" the stuff for her. It worked great. We had two excellent articles of scent...both were in glass salt shakers with handles. Each salt shaker had a couple of rocks inside for weighting and then the "dead stuff" Each was tied to a cord that is rather a camoflage color. One cord was 5 feet long for a close to shore dropo, the other was 15 feet long for a drop farther from shore. The length of the shorelines we used was about 100 feet. We would go out and place the drops and then the other handler with dog would go out and find the drops. It was a great day, we had a great time, also did a few air scents was a beautfiul day last Sunday here in the midwest.

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Have a good day!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Old dogs and Cold dogs

It’s cold outside...are you taking care of the problem right?

I came across a really great idea for that LITTLE dog that just can’t stand the cold. Or the apartment dog that lives six stories up and can’t wait to go down the elevator. It’s rather like a litterbox but it is intended for dogs. You can see one here:


Meanwhile, for the bigger dogs, it is time to consider that as they age they really CAN’T stay outside. Please, even if they are “outdoor” dogs and have been out most of their lives, it is time to bring the oldsters in, to enjoy life next to the hearth on those cold winter nights. You would be surprised how easily they adjust and since most of them have always gone potty outside, they will let you know and willingly go outside to do their business...seldom if ever unless they are just too old to handle holding it..will they go in a house. It is foreign to their concept of going potty !

Another thing to remember is that older dogs often get arthritic. You can check out the aupplements that are available at several different places. One of the most effective may be the nutritional supplement The Missing Link Canine Plus Joint Support Formula which can be found at 1-800-PetMeds

I have a back yard fence connected right to my back door so that I can let my dogs in or out right through the back door. It is dark at night. I have found that the Christmas lighting decorations are awfully handy for lighting up the area for my older dogs, who have more difficulty seeing at night...This year I got 30 star shaped lights, the little lights on a string, for (believe it or not! ) 5o cents at a garage sale! Soon I will be putting them up with zip ties all over the lighted snowflakes. I think I will like them so well I may keep em up all year!


For more information on protecting your dogs against the cold weather check out the Dogdigs

Talk to ya again soon....

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Heading into cold weather

Halloween has arrived...Thanksgiving is next. Won't be long till the snows are your dog in bed? Comfortable? Warm? Well fed? (but be sure he's not OBESE!)For Better Pet Healthcheck out Pet

To make sure you are up to date on all the specifics of cold weather care, you should also take a look at for responisble ownership rules

I am in the process of getting ready for another SAR training and now is the time of year when I switch over to more "urban searches" ...yes that's right. Hunting season is also here! To protect myself, and my dogs, I just DON'T take the risk of traiining out in rurual areas. Too many pheasan hunters and deer hunters out there...not that I'm against it...I LOVE to eat both pheasant and deer...just don't care to involve myself in this sport, nor risk my dogs! I wish good luck to all who DO go hunting. and be sure to STAYT SAFE!

Till next time....Happy hunting, and Happy searching....

Friday, September 15, 2006

Planning for Disasters With Your dogs

Most people overlook the three most important things they should have done to prepare for the possibility of a disaster when they might have to evacuate with their dogs:

1.prepare an emergency notification card for your vehicle. On the card (which you can put in the glove compartment and carry in your bags or even stick on your vehicle interior, after it has been LAMINATED) you should have the following information:

call name(s) of your dog(s)
name of your vet and addressed and phone number
your personal wishes should your pet be beyond help
name and phone number of contact persons
your own name, address, and phone
dog's registered name if applicable
dog's registration number if applicable
dog's ID chip or tattoo if applicable
dog's status ( in reference to service dogs, etc.)
copy of vet records (immunizations and booster shots and rabies tags)

2. Put a buckle collar with identification on the dog.

3. Make sure you have a proper crate or containment for your pet in your vehicle





Monday, September 11, 2006


you can find the recipe for the famous blue power ear treatment if you just

go here

I had the need to use it just recently on my dear Jenna, Search dog Extraordinaire...

She has contionued to have a nasty ear problem and yes, it is a fungus....yeast type. This blue power stuff is an old treatment but a good one.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Dog's Den

Today is finally a cool day but the dogs don't care any more about the fresh smells of the outside. They want the comforts of the house. Of course the older dogs have been in all summer anyhow...they are much too frail for me to take the risk of leaving them outside in the heat of the day. For one thing, what if they should not be able to get up and move to the shade?? But Phoenix (aka Feeny) the youngster who is full of piss and vinegar, and Jenna, the Search Dog Exrtraordinaire, have been both inside and outside dogs all summer long. They just PREFER the inside. Especially Jenna, who hates to let me out of her sight. Feeny on the other hand always LOVED the outside until yesterday. Yesterday a friend gave her a wonderful marvelous noisey squeaky toy that makes great sounds, rather like a baby crying. (it is especially funny when she has the squeaker end inside her cavernous mouth and it changes to the sound of a baby gurgling under the water....) Anyhow that very special toy is (by mom's decree) NOT to go outdoors. So Feeny wants in all the time. She wants to play with her Squeaker. By the way, this toy can be found at

Even as I type I can hear the gurgling noises in the next room. Punctuated with an occasional thump and roll, since it also bounces unpredictably when you toss it.
Click on the picture of the toy (called a Dino-Cuz) to orderone just like Feeny's!

Feeny has been learninig more and more about searching. She is totally great and awesome at that. But her obedience skills leave a great deal to be desired. She is trying, bless her heart, but the world is much too exciting to heel politely at my side and besides all of that, she is headstrong enough to believe that if she takes a sudden lunge there is absolutely nothing I can do it. Since the tendonitis in my right hand is flaring up....(too long a bout with the caulking gun, getting ready for winter....) she is right on when it comes to those sudden lunges. Looks like maybe she needs a few sessions with the clicker and a treat or two to remind her of what fun it is to heel right beside me!

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

10 reasons not to BREED

10 reasons NOT TO BREED your dogs

1.DON'T BREED your dogs if you do not have the best interests of the breed at heart. If you are doing this for money (or any reason other than the passion of producing a better animal than you started with...... *this is called good animal husbandry, by the way) then DON'T BREED. There are far too many litters brought into the world because "the neighbors liked my dog and wanted to have one just like it" or "we thought she wasn't in heat yet but we were wrong..." and there are far too many breeds in this world that have literally been destroyed by over breeding because "everyone wants one and I will make big bucks selling this litter".What happens to puppies from these breeding? All too often they end up in the pet shelters of the world....which is why a breeder should be willing to always take responsibility for every puppy they breed and should be able to be involved in "rescue" of their breed if they are a breeder.

2.DON'T BREED if you do not have the financial wherewithal to keep the puppies, whether there be 2 or 22, if you do not get them placed into appropriate homes. Remember that what YOU bring into this world, is your responsibility. Be prepared to grow those puppies up if you don't find homes!

3.DON'T BREED just becasuse the neighbor likes YOUR dog and wants a puppy from him/her. Chances are that once the pupies arrive, your neighbor will have changed his mind. and can't take a puppy. And if he wants you to breed your dog to his dog, then you are usually in even deeper trouble because often the dogs dont turn out like HIS dog and you are the one to catch the flak!

4.DON'T BREED if you do not have health checks done on the prospective parents. There are enough diseases to go around in the dog world without deliberately propagating dogs who have a good chance of being born with inheritable conditions that could have been avoided. Furthermore if you are responsible for producing an animal that is going to have a painful or debilitating condition just consider how devastating this can be to the future owners of that dog and what you yourself have done by producing an animal that will be in pain.

5.DON'T BREED if you are not going to be able to spend at least four hours daily (at a minimum) cleaning the whelping box, taking the dam out for walks (on leash in her own area so she won't bring back extra "unknown" germs into the household, washing the dirty towels and rugs the puppies need to have (a non skid surface for them so they can learn to walk is a MUST) ....these things that I have mentioned are just a few considerations when it comes to raising up the litter....

6.DON'T BREED if you aren't able to bring the puppies up so they will be socialized. There is nothing WORSE to have in a household than a puppy that has never been introduced to house hold noises, children, and so on......a puppy that quivers and quakes in fear is , contrary to what most people believe, often NOT a puppy that has been "abused", it is a puppy that has never been socialized. There is more to the care of the litter than just keeping the area clean , there is a lot of time that must be given to handling and socializing those furry little babies. (if you are already working a 12 hour day, don't expect to be able to come home and then take time to clean the puppy area PLUS get them out for socialization.)

7.DON'T BREED dogs with poor temperament just because they are "a good example of the breed". Temperament is definitely inherited. A good boxer who is "crazy" will produce "crazy" puppies, a good Saint Bernard who is "mean" will produce "mean" puppies.

8.DON'T BREED if you do not realize that YOU are putting the life of your dog at risk. Yes my friend, there are bitches who die in the process of whelping puppies, to say nothing of the fact that the puppies often die too!

9.DONT BREED if you think it would be good "sex education" for your children. How will it help them if the bitch does go into eclampsia and she dies in horrible pain? Because of something YOU made happen?? children can get good education from watching animal planet and at least it is not their own beloved pet that is at risk.

10.DON'T BREED if you are willing to let those pups go to just any home without consideration of the place they are going. In other words, you need to know whether the family knows what they are getting into...will the puppy fit into their life style, will they have the financial means to care for the dog?? Lots of these questions need to be taken into consideration when placing the puppies into homes. You should have a contract which guarantees the health of the puppy, DON'T BREED if you are not willing to stand behind your litter. And your contract should require a spay or neuter agreement (are you beginning to see why??)

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Summer Bummer

The Dog Days of summer
The flea and tick season is in full force. Many of my friends use that chemical, I will not mention the name......that is advertised widely...........that horribly smelly stuff that goes on the back of the dog....
I always wonder when something that I put on the skin of my dog is SUPPOSED to migrate to its bloodstream........
I on the other hand am suspicious of such man made chemicals. And I use another kind of "smelly stuff" that is "natural" ?? (one can always question this, too) ....and very very stinky, smelling strongly of citronella ...but every other day I rub it into the heads of my black furry friends. They slobber and goober and affectionately sling their slime on me while I do this so even if there is no benefit resulting in dead bugs, there is always the joy of the moment.......... And I also use the good old-fashioned flea collar. don't know if the chemicals are just as nasty or not. But it doesn't smell so strong. And seems to work! I went out in the woods with my dog, came back with 15 ticks on me and none on my dog!

we shall see......

if I find too many of the little ticks I shall have to switch to even stronger remedies such as diatom dust rubbed into the fur...but I shall refrain for awhile . I still will stay away as long as I can from the widely advertised "stuff" that costs a fortune and builds new labratories for the pharmaceutical industries.

I have already contributed enough to my vet to build a new wing.

***for further information about healthy flea and tick products visit:


Thursday, July 06, 2006

Man's Best friend

Summer time ..... and the livin' is easy.....

Early morning now is the only cool time of the day. Took Phoenix and her grandma Jenna out today for the walkabout they always love to go on....every other day to keep Jenna in condition and to teach Phoenix how to behave on the end of the leash. That will take all summer!! Keeping dogs fit is important and lying around all day in front of the fan is all Jenna wants to do these days. And she needs to stay in shape. for that matter so do I. And Phoenix of course is still a puppy but of course a puppy can get obese if they're not watched...
so anyhow we go for out walk every other day, a good long one. The air is crisp and cool in the early morning and the birds are out and the neighborhood is quiet and still asleep a lot of times at 5:30 AM.

But today suddenly Jenna, who is usually off leash in this tiny little town because she always stays with she went veering right into someone's back yard and stood, looking straight up. Here she had smelled a man up on the roof of his house, doing some work. He was so quiet that I hadnt noticed he was there. Jenna had smelled him but couldnt see him.....

Her search dog instincts had kicked in! Phoenix...well, I honestly dont know or remember if she noticed, she was pulling on her leash at the time and I am working with her on these walks to get her behavior settled down, she is very strong and very strong willed! I expect I really need to take her out by herself for these walks but we enjoy the time spent together with the three of, and Jenna, and Phoenix.

Well, the 4th of July is over now. Our little town here won't have its fireworks till this coming Saturday. Will find out then if Phoenix will go through the noise without a fuss! It might be a good idea to be out in the yard with her. The fireworks will only be a block or two from my house!

gotta go now...time to get the dogs fed....

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Still searchin'

Mom got real upset the other day when she let me out into a lot of tall grass to go to a pond to go swimmin' with Jenna. Even with Jenna there, (she's my grandma) I figured there was something I ought to go find so I went running off into the tall grass and kept looking for someone to find. there wasn't anyone so I finally came back. Mom told me she was mad at me. She kept calling and I heard her, but I didn't feel lilke coming back. So Mom figured I needed to start to learn to come when she called me, she haddn't really paid attention before.

Hello everyone: One of the most important things which face ALL owners of dogs is that sooner or later you absolutely MUST teach the dog to stay with you, to not run off, and to come when called. A good idea to do this training is to capitalize on what the dog already knows and to re train or train with that in mind. Phoenix already knew that there wasn't always someone hiding for her in the grasses. She learned that by herself the day she ran off looking. The next thing for her to find out was that it was pleasurable when I called her, that there would be a SURE reward if she came. Something that was totally awesome. So...I cooked up nuked hot dogs. RESERVE these treats for something special. Yes they are cheap but they are an extremely motivating treat.'s what I did:

"Mom took me walking the next day in the woods. She had my leash on. The neighbor kid came along. I really loved that cuz I love all the neighbor kids. When we got into the woods Mom took off my leash. I heard her telling the neighbor kid that even if I ran away I couldnt go anywhere far cuz there would be a fence. Anyhow when she took off my leash I didnt want to go anywhere cuz just before she took it off she had the neighbor kid give me the very best treat I had ever had!! So I stayed with them for a little while. But pretty soon I thought maybe I should run on ahead into the woods. I did, but in just a minute the neighbor kid called me and gave me one more of those neat treats. So I kind of watched for awhile and walked with them for awhile. Then I went on ahead to check things out. Next time when the neighbor kid called I ran back to see if I would get another treat. But that time the neighbor kid just gave me a really big kiss and a belly rub. I didnt care about the treat then cuz that belly rub felt really good. So anyhow we walked for a long time. Every time I went away after while mom or the neighbor kid would call me and I would get either a treat or a nice kiss and hug. It was great. Besides I found out that if I stayed close enolugh to mom she really liked it if I went a little ways ahead and then just looked bak at her every so often. Every time I did that she told me what a good girls I was...."


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

MOM got the Newf page back up again!!

it's me again...Phoenix. Mom has been working on the Newf web pages and finally is starting to get 'em back up can check 'em out by clicking on the title. Anyhoo.....I got to go for a "blind search" the other day, at least that's what mom calls it. She put me in the car, (actually I jumped in) and we went somewhere where there was a road. I got out with mom and walked down the road with her. she stopped me after awhile and put on my collar. The one that makes a noise, she calls it the bell collar. Right after that I smelled someone. I ran through the grass and I found a kid in the grass!! boy this searching thing is really fun!The only thing though is that when I can't find the person sometimes I have to run BESIDE the wind and lift my head up and smell, usujally I can find 'em again.

If you want to learn about all kinds of dog stuff you can learn it here: "PETS" and you can learn other stuff too!

  • this is a really cool place

  • Some information about the noses of dogs and their sense of smell:

    The Canine olfactory sense (sense of smell) is without doubt so far superior to that of man as to be beyond imagination. It could be like comparing a bunaglow to a skyscraper, there simply is no comparison.

    Depending on the dog and the size of the dog’s muzzle, there can be more than 200 milliion olfactory cells. Mankind has only 5 million. So the first thing that determines the precision of a dog’s sense of smell is the numbers of olfactory cells that the particular dog has. Some researrch has been done which has led to the discovery that not all dog’s noses are the same. It is now known that dogs with smaller noses do not have the same numbers of receptive cells as dogs with longer noses.

    Although it is of course impossible for mere human beings to understand exactly what dog is thinking or smelling, another factor which probably is equally important is the dog’s ability to discern between smells. In the sazme way that we humans use our eyes combined with our brains to tell us about the world around us, dogs use their noses combined with what their brains have discovered about the sense of smell. It comes with practice and learning about the world, the same way humanbabies learn about the world with their eyes and their sense of babies learn from the beginning what different smells in the world mean..they "read" the world with their sense of smell.

    by Kathy Reed

    to learn more about general information about dogs
  • you can also click here
  • Thursday, June 15, 2006

    Searching Practice with Phoenix

    Hi everyone, there is more news from the training logs with Phoenix:

    "it's me again, phoenix (feeny) is what mom calls me. we got to go to a big place that had very tall grass. I was surprised when mom got me out of the car and there wasnt enyone who ran away from me at all. i knew i had to look for someone cuz mom put on my harness and that means i am going to look for someone. this time there was a thing that makes a noise when i move. mom calls it a bell. anyhow we got out of the car and she put on my harness and even while she was putting it on me i got excited cuz i could smell that the person who had been in the car when we went to that place was out in the tall waving grass somewhere. so i got real excited.
    anyhow as soon as my harness was on mom told me to search and i ran right into the tall grass. i had to jump up to see where i was going. i could smell her but i couldnt find her. i turned back when i couldnt smell her any more and i held my nose up in the air and then i smelled her again. when i found her i got my belly rubbed and i got to kiss her and boy that was really fun.

    after that when we came home mom took me for a walk in a big woods. at first i though that it was really fun cuz she let me go without a leash in the big woods and i went running all over but there wasnt anyone there i could find, and also she hadnt put on my harness first and i thought that was funny. she called me but i thought no i am FREE and i am going to run and run and run. so i did. BUT in the end i ran back to make sure mom was still there and when i ran back i got a cookie. a eally yujmmy thiing i had never eaten before. mom calls it a nuked hotdog. after i got that to eat she told me i could run and play some more. but next time when she called to me i went back and i got another one of those hot dog things. and we did this for awhile. she would let me run away and when she called me she would give me a treat and the she would let me run off again. it was fun but i got tired and then i just walked with mom instead of running away and she told me i was a really good girl.

    mom says next week we get to a "flea market". gee i dont want fleas!! they itch. i hope she doesnt buy any!!

    this is feeny signing off............"

    if you click on the title to this you will be taken to a wonderful place called "Dogdaze" where you can buy all kinds of neat stuff with dog designs in all breeds.

    Friday, June 02, 2006

    A Word From Phoenix

    Well I suddenly realized that I haven't "Blogged" for a long time. The reason is obvious, it's summer and there is a LOT to do. The thing that has been taking up the most time is Phoenix....I will let her tell you!

    "We have been really busy. Mom has been teaching me a lot of things. First she started taking me outside for a lot of walks. And she won't let me pull on the collar. I had to learn to walk beside her, but she gives me a lot of treats and that helps. I have to sit when she tells me and stay when she tells me. Yesterday I started to learn to jump up and put my front feet on mom when she tells me to, and only do it when she tells me to.

    The we went to a place that has a big thing that you can follow the little children on to it when they go up on this stair kind of thing, and they walk across this bridge that swings and is up in the air. Mom calls it the "playground slide" I thought it was SCARY but I like to be where little kids are, I know it is okay if they are on it too.

    Then she has also been taking me outside and holding on to me and not letting me go when the little kids run away from me. Then all of a sudden she will let me go and I get to go and find the little kids and where they ran to!! it is FUN!!! And one time,, twice...we were just out walking and I smelled my favorite little kid, and mom put on my harness and I got to go and find her right where I smelled her!!!

    One of the most fun things we did was to get in the car and go to this place that has this funny strange place where you can get ALL WET instead of just getting your head wet when you get a drink. It is like when I have my bowl of water and I put my feet in it and dig the water out, only at this place there is so much water that you can't possibly dig it all out! Mom calls it "the lake".When I go in there my feet are "swimming" she says.

    Now we do these things every day and I am very very busy! So is mom,"

    I promise that I won't let my blog go so long any more :-)

    Besides training Phoenix I have been trying to get in a lot of search practice with Jenna....and yes unfortunately our team has been called for a couple of drownings already! so folks out there who go on the water: WEAR YOUR LIFE JACKETS!!!!!

    Saturday, April 01, 2006

    Memorial poetry

    I found a wonderful poem which maybe will help me with my Angel...I am sure her time is coming before too long.....

    It talks about the need to put your dog to sleep when she reaches that point when there is too much pain..too much for her to bear any more. It is such an awful thing to contemplate...

    In these modern times of medical always hopes to find that perfect solution. Unfortunately we are all mortal, as are our pets. How ironic it is that when those pets whom we love so deeply, as part of our families, can be put out of their paiin, and oftentimes our own human loved ones must suffer till the very end.

    Anyhow....this poem is really helpful. It begins like this:

    If it should be that I grow frail and weak

    And pain should keep me from my sleep Then you must do what must be done

    For this, the last battle can't be won....

    click on the title of this article to read the rest of it..

    Wednesday, March 29, 2006

    Phoenix update

    EASTER is nearly here. If you are looking for a fresh spring look and love your dog... and looking for quality stuff to wear or buy for the house then ccheck out the breeds and all the designs at

    As for the Phoenix and Bingo saga:

    Nowadays. our returnee, Bingo, the rat terrier, is curling his lip less frequently, and even going so far as to chase Phoenix around the yard, and play bow and invite HER to chase him! So things are going their natural course and it wont be long until they are fast friends. Bingo still does “nail”Phoenix is she tries to eat anywhere near him..[picking up crumbs off the floors for example] and that is one thing that he has to continue to be disciplined me. But things definitely ARE improving.

    And thank goodness for little girls (and little boys too) since they are stopping by daily now the weather is nice so they can “play with Feenie”. Nothing is so great for growing puppies as children and plenty of exposure to children. If you are bringing up a puppy and don't have kids around.... go find them. Make sure your puppy gets handled, chased, rolled on the ground....dressed up...all the things little kids do with puppies. Only caution: supervise! Kids can get “mean” without realizing it, so it is always best to be there as a supervising adult when kids play with puppies...


    for dozens of products with this Easter newfy design or to find a design in ANY breed, be sure to click on the link!!


    Friday, March 24, 2006


    TGIF Friday?

    Well. I just broke up a “fight” or perhaps it was a “lesson” early this morning. Nothing like getting rousted out of bed at 5 AM by a feisty rat terrier and a Newf puppy. Phoenix (the newf puppy) has had the household to herself for 6 weeks. While she was growing up a bit I sent Bingo the rat terrrier to live with his other “dad” because he was terrorizing the pup. so yesterday he came back.

    And he is still being a total a---. I guess he does have to establish who is boss in the pack. But I swear if he doesnt settle his differences soon, ......!@!

    Every time Phoenix walks near, he curls his lip. Every time she attempts to advance a playful move, he yaps and feints a snap at her. And then this morning he actually rolled her and went after in the living room. I yanked him off and put him into a down for a bit. After that episode, at least for the time being, he is studiously ignoring her. Meanwhile I need to review for myself the lessons I have learned through the years on dominance and pack behavior!

    Dogs are pack animals. Every pack has a pecking order, and every animal in the pack has duties, responsibilities, and expectations. Bingo the rat terrier obviously thinks of himself as pack leader over and above me and this has got to change. He has to come down a peg or two. I am his alpha. THEN below me he can be ALPHA. Even being the littlest dog here, he can be alpha. But I have to re-establish who is had honcho and it isn’t him! So here are the “new rules”

    1. When I feed the dogs, Bingo must eat in his crate but he will NOT eat first.The newfs will eat first and THEN Bingo.

    2. Bingo will sleep in his crate and not in my bed from now on. (Phoenix has always slept in her crate)

    3. When I am at the computer the gate will be up and Bingo will NOT disturb my work.

    Bingo got a harsh lesson this morning when he went after the puppy and I immediately put him in his place. Now he is lying on the floor outside the computer room door and he is ignoring the attentions of Phoenix the puppy and she will probably get another “lesson” from Bingo soon if she keeps it up. I will let him show her (but not quite so nasty) that he is HER boss. But he WILL have to learn that I am HIS boss! And I will hope that within a week or two they will both be “best friends”.

    It is just too much to try to deal with the first thing in the morning on a Friday!!

    check out te articles at DogDigs for more information on establishing Pack Dominance

    Monday, February 20, 2006


    In February 2003, the Board adopted AN OPEN LETTER TO VETERINARIANS RE: VACCINATION PROTOCOLS. In the LETTER, the Board noted that many aspects of veterinary practice were evolving quickly, including the area of vaccination protocols – vaccination intervals, duration of immunity, risks of vaccination, and the efficacy of certain vaccines that are routinely used by many Veterinarians. Recent studies have cast new light on these issues, prompting organizations such as the American Veterinary Medical Association, American Association of Feline Practitioners, and American Animal Hospital Association, to issue reports suggesting a need to revise some commonly accepted practices.

    for further information and a review of the entire article just click on the title of this article!

    Thursday, February 16, 2006

    Dog shows 101

    This short but very informative review of what exactly is a conformation dog show will prove very helpful to the amateur "newby" attending or exhibiting at a dog show. Encompasses what IS a conformation dog show, what are the "classes" and the wins, and what is the "group ring".

    Included in the "groups section" is a complete up to date listing of which dogs belong in which groups...easy to copy and paste this one for your own listing!

    Friday, February 10, 2006

    Welcome to Phoenix

    Phoenix has arrived! A great grand-daughter to my Angel (still with us as we speak, laying on the rug in the dining room and sound asleep) , the new puppy "feenie" is also in the dining room, chewing on her grandmother's legs and ears...(her grandmother is Jenna.)
    Feenie is destined to become my next search dog. She is quite intelligent and becoming very bonded to me. Also very laid back. And a "barker" (at least she barks at Jenna in play. She sits and waits to get her dinner! She cuddles. She goes to get a toy when thrown. She is becoming a bit more house trainedd but not all there yet.
    The symbolism of her name....a new beginning. After all the "upset"of last year, a move, and the downsizing of my kennel, it is now the time to start my new Search Dog and also to continue the excellence of my bloodline, first begun way back iin 1987 with "Bear" my first Newfy. Cheers to the FUTURE! I will keep you posted on updates as Feenie grows up!

    Friday, January 20, 2006


    NOTE: to find the famous "my dog is smarter than your honor student" bumper stickers...jog on over to Dogdaze Designs by clicking on the title!!

    THE "BASICS" of clicker training

    Clicker training basics: the whole key to clicker training is to get the dog to a stage in his training where you can quickly reinforce a behavior that he does in order to tell him that he is "doing something right". The clicker is a substitute for "good dog" and has more meaning because it is very specific to the dog. for example there are dozens of times every day and many situations where you use the words "good dog" (or at least there should be) but when you use a clicker you are working towards the end result of putting the dog into a "learning mode" and in the end he will understand, when you are "clicking" that he has performed a behavior which was correct and he will be rewarded.

    Start clicker training with a pile of hot dog treats, beggin strips, cheerios, whatever you think will really turn the dog on. I have seen people use an open jar of cheese whiz and the the handle of a spoon for a scoop......whatever works to "turn your dog on". It may not be food but most of the time food is the most successful thing to use in beginner clicker training. Keep in mind that this is only for the BEGINNING stages of clicker training and in the end is often not at all necessary.

    Put your treats or food in a place that is easily accessible, not a pocket that is hard to get into. Find a location that is fairly free of distractions and with no other animals especially dogs, present... your kitchen or living room is fine. begin by clicking the clicker. quickly give the dog a treat. click the clicker again. give another treat. continue for at least five minutes. during this process vary the method in which you give the treat. throw it to the dog. offer it with one hand, then the other....move your body physically to a slightly different place, so that the dog is not sitting still in one spot while this is happening.

    Soon the dog will be looking for a treat immediately after he hears the sound of the clicker. When you see that he is beginning to move toward you to receive a treat when he hears the are on the right track.

    STOP clicking if the dog loses interest and start again later in the day.

    Once you have a good interest going and the dog is actually LOOKING AND FOCUSING on the sound of the clicker.....stop clicking and just look at the dog, right in the eyes....he will look back at you like "huh???" "where's the treat??"

    At that point you will immediately click when he performs a behavior for you..(that behavior may be one he already knows, such as sitting down and looking up at you) It is a good idea to have in your mind what he will most likely do, and be ready to click immediately when that behavior is performed. then give the treat.

    don't worry if it is something he already knows how to do..

    What he has done is unique and different for him. He has offered a behavior that he thinks may get him what he is looking for, the CLICK and the ensuing treat. You have not pushed, pulled, or jerked him into performing this behavior. You have also not TOLD him to do this behavior. He has offered this to you....It is like he is saying : "If I do this, will I get the treat??"

    You will continue from this point on clicking him for that particular behavior and ignoring all other behaviors....only for a few minutes more, then end the session and put the clicker away for awhile....

    Next time start with a few "click/treats" to get him into the learning mode, and then progress to clicking the dog for the behavior he first performed for you (such as sitting down) and THEN having the dog perform a different behavior for you....something perhaps that he does not already know, for example, backing up, or spinning around or pawing with one foot at your leg....anything. Remember you will STOP clicking and only click when he performs this different behavior. what you are doing is showing the dog that he is only going to be rewarded for CERTAIN behaviors....Remember that the way to get him to perform a behavior (at first, in the beginning stages of training) is to simply STOP clicking until he performs the behavior you are looking for. Don't shoot for something complicated. just a simple behavior. all you are doing right now at the beginning is training the dog to 'LEARN' and not really teaching a specific behavior.

    that is the basics of the clicker training in a nutshell. Once your dog "connects" to the idea that if he offers certain behaviors, the clicker will tell him if it is the right behavior, and it will be rewarded with a treat..then you are set to go on to all sorts of training. More about this later.....