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Saturday, August 19, 2006

10 reasons not to BREED

10 reasons NOT TO BREED your dogs

1.DON'T BREED your dogs if you do not have the best interests of the breed at heart. If you are doing this for money (or any reason other than the passion of producing a better animal than you started with...... *this is called good animal husbandry, by the way) then DON'T BREED. There are far too many litters brought into the world because "the neighbors liked my dog and wanted to have one just like it" or "we thought she wasn't in heat yet but we were wrong..." and there are far too many breeds in this world that have literally been destroyed by over breeding because "everyone wants one and I will make big bucks selling this litter".What happens to puppies from these breeding? All too often they end up in the pet shelters of the world....which is why a breeder should be willing to always take responsibility for every puppy they breed and should be able to be involved in "rescue" of their breed if they are a breeder.

2.DON'T BREED if you do not have the financial wherewithal to keep the puppies, whether there be 2 or 22, if you do not get them placed into appropriate homes. Remember that what YOU bring into this world, is your responsibility. Be prepared to grow those puppies up if you don't find homes!

3.DON'T BREED just becasuse the neighbor likes YOUR dog and wants a puppy from him/her. Chances are that once the pupies arrive, your neighbor will have changed his mind. and can't take a puppy. And if he wants you to breed your dog to his dog, then you are usually in even deeper trouble because often the dogs dont turn out like HIS dog and you are the one to catch the flak!

4.DON'T BREED if you do not have health checks done on the prospective parents. There are enough diseases to go around in the dog world without deliberately propagating dogs who have a good chance of being born with inheritable conditions that could have been avoided. Furthermore if you are responsible for producing an animal that is going to have a painful or debilitating condition just consider how devastating this can be to the future owners of that dog and what you yourself have done by producing an animal that will be in pain.

5.DON'T BREED if you are not going to be able to spend at least four hours daily (at a minimum) cleaning the whelping box, taking the dam out for walks (on leash in her own area so she won't bring back extra "unknown" germs into the household, washing the dirty towels and rugs the puppies need to have (a non skid surface for them so they can learn to walk is a MUST) ....these things that I have mentioned are just a few considerations when it comes to raising up the litter....

6.DON'T BREED if you aren't able to bring the puppies up so they will be socialized. There is nothing WORSE to have in a household than a puppy that has never been introduced to house hold noises, children, and so on......a puppy that quivers and quakes in fear is , contrary to what most people believe, often NOT a puppy that has been "abused", it is a puppy that has never been socialized. There is more to the care of the litter than just keeping the area clean , there is a lot of time that must be given to handling and socializing those furry little babies. (if you are already working a 12 hour day, don't expect to be able to come home and then take time to clean the puppy area PLUS get them out for socialization.)

7.DON'T BREED dogs with poor temperament just because they are "a good example of the breed". Temperament is definitely inherited. A good boxer who is "crazy" will produce "crazy" puppies, a good Saint Bernard who is "mean" will produce "mean" puppies.

8.DON'T BREED if you do not realize that YOU are putting the life of your dog at risk. Yes my friend, there are bitches who die in the process of whelping puppies, to say nothing of the fact that the puppies often die too!

9.DONT BREED if you think it would be good "sex education" for your children. How will it help them if the bitch does go into eclampsia and she dies in horrible pain? Because of something YOU made happen?? children can get good education from watching animal planet and at least it is not their own beloved pet that is at risk.

10.DON'T BREED if you are willing to let those pups go to just any home without consideration of the place they are going. In other words, you need to know whether the family knows what they are getting into...will the puppy fit into their life style, will they have the financial means to care for the dog?? Lots of these questions need to be taken into consideration when placing the puppies into homes. You should have a contract which guarantees the health of the puppy, DON'T BREED if you are not willing to stand behind your litter. And your contract should require a spay or neuter agreement (are you beginning to see why??)

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