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A "dog blog" about all breeds and issues of importance to people who value the dogs in their lives, with a special emphasis on Search and Rescue dogs, in particular the training of my Newfoundland Dogs

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Big Bad Floods

The girls, (Phoenix aka Feeny, and Jenna, and Zoey the rat terrier) spent most of the day and evening yesterday watching the updates on all the floods around iowa...waaaay too many and waay too many homes lost, it's really  tragic.  Still on today, and more flooding still expected even though the rains have stopped, now the "upstream" water is coming on down to some communities that have not been hit as yet. I want to go help but cant get to the communities because of so many road closings, even parts of interstates are closed.

someone sent me a pic of the tornado that hit the boy scout camp:

Just glad that we are safe, not flooded, and happy to be alive....

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Comfort Food" for my doggies

The weather has been terribly stormy. This morning Jenna went and hid in the closet, she is getting a bit nervous in her old age when it comes to thunderstorms. Zoey the rat terrier followed me around trying to hide in corners in every room I went to, wouldn't let me out of her sight. Phoenix didn't care one way or the other, she even asked to go out in the middle of the lightning and thunder, but she turned around and came right back in.
I of course am hungry when I get up....and decided it was time to go about fixing breakfast. This is the only thing that brings Jenna out of the closet ... when I start to cook she forgets about the storm. And today I cooked one of my favorites, I had left over creamed asparagus from supper last night, so I toasted a couple pieces of toast and poured the re-heated creamed asparagus over the top of the toast and heartily munched down my breakfast. Jenna and Phoenix and Zoey watched, the thunderstorm forgotten.
As soon as they could hear the fork scraping up the last of the food on the plate, they all stood up and anxiously waited, eying me to see what my next move would be. I made a big deal of it...folding my napkin, taking a last sip of juice, slowly getting pushed back from the table. The dogs "stood to attention" and watched every move. As I stood up they jostled for position.
Jenna is the oldest. She gets to lick the plate first. It helps to put Phoenix in her place, she has to wait while Jenna gets the first lick. Jenna licks slowly and carefully. I only let her lick a small area of the plate. Then it is "Feeny's" turn. She practically gulps the whole plate! But I only let her have a "bit" also. Then Zoey, the little rat terrier. I have to hold the plate clear down close to the floor for her. She savors the taste and delicately licks the plate, then just as delicately licks her chops.
And the ritual is over, and the dogs have forgotten the thunderstorm, they have had their "comfort food"..a lick off the plate after mom is done eating. (the photo shows Phoenix awaiting her turn at the table) Click on the title to this blog and you can go see how to make "Creamed Asparagus on Toast"

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Can't go anywhere, (you can't get there from here) today in a lot of places in Iowa, lots of roads are closed due to flooding, and there is still more rain coming. DesMoines appears to be much better prepared than it was in the last floods of 1993, it kind of looks like this is going to be an even bigger "event" than 1993, which we all remember as a great event back then. Still, haven't heard of any injuries or fatalities, thank goodness.

Just finished working on the new field spaniel designs.
field spaniel portrait Wall ClockRainbow bridge poem sympathy Greeting Cardfield spaniel portrait Bib

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

more rain???

I have been seeing the terrible floods in Indiana and Wisconsin.. We're comparatively lucky here in Iowa, although we have a LOT of flooding I don't thinkk the consequences 9so far0 have been quite as bad. there are an awful lot of farm fields however that just aren't going to make it. I had to run my granddaughter jenny back to her apt. in Iowa City two nights ago and we had to go around and take quite a detour to get there because there are a lot of streets in Iowa City that are closed due to the river...

here's a new photo of "Feeny" ( i LOVE this new Flock browser, wow it is fun  and EASY to include a picture in your blog!)

 and here's the latest couple of rainbow bridge poem cards that I have been working on:

 ah well....

maybe today there will be a little break from the rains. EVERY night for the past three weeks (it seems like) we have had rain, rain, and more rain!  I know at least it's been every other night!!

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Monday, June 09, 2008

jennas better!

went out on a practice yesterday and Jenna did fine, she is feeling much will tell...this is the last day for her pain meds. I did have a thought. since we never could figure out what was wrong, except that something  about her mouth hurt her...does anyone know if stinging nettles could bother a dog?? there are stinging nettles out where we practice at.

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